Tulsa Public Schools launches virtual summer camps for all students

Collaborator: Tulsa Public Schools
Published: 06/11/2020, 5:12 PM
(TULSA, Okla.) Tulsa Public Schools will offer virtual summer camps for all students during June and July as part of the district’s efforts to provide at-home engagement and enrichment activities during the summer break. Students can participate in self-guided virtual summer camps at www.tulsaschools.org/vcamps. Families can also find in-person camp options for all grade levels. “We know that students can lose up to 40% of their school year learning over the summer months,” said Superintendent Deborah Gist. “Given our current constraints with social distancing, we had a number of community partners who wanted to work with Tulsa Public Schools to support families with virtual camp experiences for students of all ages.” Virtual camp sponsors include ahha Tulsa, Discovery Lab, the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance, and the YMCA of Greater Tulsa.
Gist said: “We are grateful that so many of our partners in education are offering great virtual programs - parents will be able to find a camp that meets the needs and interests of every child.” In April 2020, school teams across Tulsa distributed more than 21,000 laptops to students to support distance learning. To help students access these summer learning opportunities, Tulsa Public Schools is allowing students who plan to return to the district in 2020-2021 to keep their laptops during the summer months. Visit www.tulsaschools.org/vcamps for more information about the district’s virtual summer camps.


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