Ada detective answers cry for help but doesn’t stop there

Collaborator: Brittany Harlow
Published: 06/26/2020, 1:15 PM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
Photo Courtesy: City of Ada (ADA, Okla.) A local detective is receiving praise for helping a woman, in more ways than one. According to the City of Ada, “Mrs. Waters” fell down while working on her yard earlier this week. We’re told Ada Police Detective Joe Machetta was nearby and heard the call over his radio, so he went to check on her before EMS could get there. Finding the woman with an injured arm, Machetta comforted her and waited with her until the ambulance arrived. But that’s not all. Machetta discovered the woman had injured herself trying to cut back a very large overgrown hedge. Later that day, he and his two sons went back to her house and finished the job for her. City officials said the woman was so happy when she returned from the hospital that she cried. Machetta told VNN the woman reminded him of his own family. “My grandmother lives in Arkansas and I’m not able to do enough for her, and I just thought I would want for somebody to do if they had stumbled upon my grandmother like that,” Machetta said. “It’s way too hot for our elderly population to be out doing yardwork especially something that they could get hurt doing.” Machetta said he was raised to believe our elders are special people and they deserve special treatment. “It was the least I could do to help her and make sure that the next time she fell she didn’t hurt herself worse.”


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