Binghamton Documentary is in the Works

New YorkCommunity
Collaborator: Rahkiya "Rocky" Brown
Published: 08/12/2020, 2:56 PM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
(BINGHAMTON, NY) Young Binghamton native Mani Griffin has set out on a journey to create a miniseries documentary on the Binghamton experience. At many local events, you will find him with camera in hand, capturing historical moments in the community. Griffin said he started this project because he was inspired by a recent local protest and the community activists leading the way. The documentary will focus primarily on experiences of discrimination, but more importantly, what it looks like when a community comes together for a cause. Griffin is following and interviewing local activists, entrepreneurs, and everyday people with a story to tell. “Binghamton Documentary” is set to release all episodes via their YouTube Channel. Currently, you can find numerous trailers on the channel as an insight to future episodes. Griffin says his ultimate goal with the documentary is “to not let our story be retold”. To follow to journey of “Binghamton Documentary” subscribe to their YouTube channel below.


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