Latest information on November 30 tornadoes

Collaborator: Brittany Harlow
Published: 12/04/2018, 10:20 AM
Edited: 12/04/2018, 10:24 AM

(Information collected from NWS-Tulsa, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak)  

The National Weather Service finalized the Lake Ten Killer Tornado information and added the Skiatook Tornado Monday night. 

A total of three tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma on November 30. 

Damage surveying began Saturday in Muskogee, Sequoyah, Cherokee, and Adair Counties. That damage was the result of a long-lived supercell thunderstorm. Two tornadoes were confirmed. 

Damage northwest of Sperry Oklahoma and southwest of Skiatook Oklahoma was assessed Monday, and a weak, short-track tornado was confirmed. It also developed along the leading edge of a squall line.


Rating:            EF-1

Estimated Peak Wind:    95 to 105 mph

Path Length /Statute:    7.10 miles

Path Width /Maximum:    400 yards

Fatalities:             0

Injuries:               0

Start Time:             928 pm CST

Start Location:         3.6 SSE Webbers Falls / Muskogee County / OK

End Time:               937 pm CST

End Location:           4.5 ENE Gore / Sequoyah County / OK

This tornado developed in the Arkansas River bottoms of far southeastern Muskogee County, where several center pivot irrigation systems were destroyed and barns were damaged. The tornado crossed the Arkansas River into Sequoyah County uprooting trees as it crossed I-40. It continued northeast crossing Highway 64 east of Gore, where trees were snapped. This tornado dissipated over open country south of the E1000 Road.


Rating:                 EF-0

Estimated Peak Wind:    70 to 80 mph

Path Length /Statute:     1.50 miles

Path Width /Maximum:       200 yards

Fatalities:             0

Injuries:               0

Start Time:             936 pm CST

Start Location:         4.1 SW Skiatook / Osage County / OK

End Time:               938 pm CST

End Location:           2.8 SSW Skiatook / Osage County / OK

This tornado developed south of W 113th Street N where a barn was damaged. The tornado moved northeast damaging trees on N 36th West Ave, and then severely damaging two mobile homes, snapping large tree limbs, and damaging the roof of a home along Park Farm Lane. The tornado dissipated west of the Tulsa County line.


Rating:                 EF-2

Estimated Peak Wind:    115 to 125 mph

Path Length /Statute/:  47 miles

Path Width /Maximum/:   1100 yards

Fatalities:             0

Injuries:               5

Start Time:             943 pm CST

Start Location:         Blackgum / Sequoyah County / OK

End Time:               1046 pm CST

End Location:           2.7 SE Colcord / Delaware County / OK

This tornado developed near Blackgum in northwestern Sequoyah County and moved northeast along the eastern shores of Lake Ten Killer in Cherokee County. Numerous homes were damaged or destroyed, numerous boat docks were destroyed, boats were destroyed, outbuildings were destroyed, many trees and power poles were snapped, and hangars at the airport west of Cookson were destroyed. The tornado continued northeast from near Cookson, crossing into Adair County on Highway 51 east of Eldon and south of Proctor, where barns were destroyed and trees were snapped. The tornado moved north- northeast and crossed Highway 62 near Proctor, where a home was destroyed, several other homes were damaged, large barns were destroyed, and many trees were snapped. It snapped and uprooted many trees and destroyed barns between Highway 62 and Chewey Road, and then crossed into Delaware County near Dripping Springs. Trees were snapped and uprooted from the county line to the southeast of Colcord where it dissipated.

The maximum wind in this tornado was determined from damage sustained to several lake houses and extensive tree damage that was substantial in several areas of Cherokee County, as well as home and barn damage that occurred near Proctor in Adair County.

Governor Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency Monday for 12 Oklahoma counties due to Friday's severe storms, tornadoes and straight-line winds.

The counties included in the governor’s declaration are Adair, Cherokee, Delaware, Haskell, Johnston, Latimer, Le Flore, Muskogee, Pittsburg, Pushmataha, Sequoyah, and Tulsa.

Under the governor’s executive order, state agencies may make emergency purchases and acquisitions needed to expedite the delivery of resources to local jurisdictions. The declaration also marks a first step toward seeking federal assistance should it be necessary.

The executive order is in effect for 30 days, and could be amended to include additional counties if needed.

State and local leaders including Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak, Rep. Matt Meredith and Cookson Fire Chief Tim Night will survey the damage and talk with those affected near Lake Tenkiller on Tuesday. 

Two tornadoes also touched down in Crawford County, Arkansas.  


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