Public Health Emergency Preparedness Update

Published: 08/27/2020, 9:24 PM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
(TULSA, Okla.) To date, the Tulsa Health Department (THD) has confirmed 12,831 unique positive COVID-19 cases in Tulsa County. 11,224 residents have recovered and 128 have lost their lives. Data and trends are updated at Here is an overview from our data team. The information provided is from August 16-22. We saw a modest decrease in cases compared to the previous week (decrease of 5.63%). Let’s keep that decrease going, it’s the direction we want to see. The largest increase in cases within age groups was the 05 – 17 group, with a growth of 41.33% The age group with the most cases continues to be the 18 – 35 group, followed by the 36 – 49 group 46.1% of all cases are in those age 35 and younger Only 12.1% of cases are in those age 65 and older Within the high risk settings, after long-term care and nursing homes, schools had the second most number of associated cases Some good news: This is the first time in weeks with no new hospitalizations from the 0 – 4, AND the 5 – 17 age groups! 21.4% of all hospitalizations are in those 35 years of age and younger. The City of Tulsa represents 66% of all cases in Tulsa County For the portion of Broken Arrow that is in Tulsa County, it represents 14% of all cases For the portion of Bixby that is in Tulsa County, represents 5% of all cases All other municipalities had less than 5% of cases. Public Health Recommendations The White House Coronavirus Task Force has prepared a state report with public health recommendations. The Oklahoma State Department of Health provided the document to THD this week, and it's been shared with the City of Tulsa and Tulsa County. THD has been asked “what does this mean for Tulsa County” and we can say that as a county we have implemented many of the measures. However, some of them are outside our scope of control. Dr. Dart. encourages everyone to continue following the 3 W’s: Wear your mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance. And this applies to everyone at all times. Just Wednesday, he and his team visited with Maricopa County Department of Public Health in Arizona and they were able to document that 14 days following a countywide mask mandate, their cases started to decline in the county. "I absolutely recommend that Tulsa County do the same," Dr. Dart said. "I have seen growing evidence of the effects of cities with mask mandates versus the cities without, and the data shows that cases are slowing in cities with mask mandates. Our county can do this together. We need all of our municipalities together in unison on this measure." THD appreciates Tulsa County retail owners and personal service businesses who have made modifications to protect their employees and customers. We support Tulsa County restaurant owners and managers who have also made inside dining modifications and have expanded outside dining. Our Food Protection Services program continues to provide feedback to your business’ health and safety plans and can answer questions. We are glad to see signage on doors of a restaurant that encourages diners to wear a mask when not eating to protect other diners and staff, but we also want to make sure you are looking at your back of house procedures to keep employees safe. What we know about this virus is that prolonged contact is where we see the most spread, and when employees are working closely with each other, we want to make sure modifications are in place to keep them safe and healthy. We’ve been accessible and transparent from the beginning. We work with businesses to help them stay open; we don’t want places to shut down. Our liaison officer has been doing an excellent job answering emails and phone calls with questions about recommendations for youth sports, local public and private schools, universities, local events and venues, restaurants, community organizations and faith groups as requested and more. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions and reviews of your health and safety plans. At this time, 95 plans have been submitted and 90 reviews have been completed. We know people still want to live their lives and come together to celebrate occasions, we just ask to gather together safely. What that looks like is gathering in smaller groups, meeting outside as much as possible, wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently and watching your distance. Those who are particularly at risk for severe complications should participate virtually. Our data team will continue to follow trends, and if we see repeated outbreaks in gatherings, Dr. Dart will recommend to municipalities about issuing an event size mandate. "In this response, we’ve seen the best of human nature and the worst of human nature," added Dart. "We have got to stop fighting each other and come together to fight this virus." Testing and Locations If you want to be tested, the Tulsa Health Department will test you. We do not charge for COVID-19 testing. Tulsa Health Department conducts specimen collection for testing by appointment only. Location and appointment time varies by day. Instructions for services will be provided at the time the appointment is made. Call the Tulsa Health Department at 918-582-9355 to set up an appointment. It’s important to remember, if you are being tested for COVID-19, you should self-isolate while waiting on your test results; especially if you have been exposed. If you were exposed to a known positive case and you test negative, it is still important to stay home for the full duration of your 14 day quarantine as the virus can develop 2-14 days after exposure. South Testing Location 8414 E 101st St. S., Tulsa, OK 74133 North Regional Health and Wellness Center 5635 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Tulsa, OK 74126 Testing in Tulsa County also available at the following locations below. Hours, eligibility requirements, cost and other details may vary. Please visit the organization's website or contact them directly for more information. For testing statewide, visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health. OU-Tulsa 4502 E. 41st St, Tulsa, OK 74135 OU-Tulsa Wayman Tisdale Specialty Health Clinic 591 E. 36th St N, Tulsa, OK 74106 OSU Center for Health Sciences 1111 W 17th St, Tulsa, OK 74107 Walmart Locations: 2019 E 81st St, Tulsa, OK 74137 2301 W Kenosha St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 207 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74112 CVS Locations: 751 West Tucson St, Broken Arrow, OK 74011 2351 N. 9th St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 4107 South Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105 8010 East 51st St, Tulsa, OK 74145 Access Medical Care 2929 S Garnett Rd, Tulsa, OK 74129 Morton Comprehensive Health Services 1334 North Lansing Ave, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106 Tulsa ER & Hospital 717 West 71st St S, Tulsa, OK 74132 Med Express 2140 South Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74114 MCI Diagnostics 7018 South Utica Ave Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136 Contact Tracing The Tulsa Health Department continues with case notification, contact tracing and risk assessments with every positive COVID-19 case among Tulsa County residents. The team includes bilingual professionals to ensure they are meeting the need for non-English speaking individuals we contact. We have staff who speak Spanish, Burmese and Zomi to meet the needs of our largest non-English speaking communities. The Tulsa Health Department also has the ability to use a language line for translation services as needed. Contact tracing is a standard public health tool to mitigate the spread of disease. Public health professionals are asking everyone to be forthcoming with responses to our contact tracers when identifying exposures. Withholding information could possible jeopardize others' safety. THD reassures everyone that there’s no wrong answers, you won’t be in trouble and ask for you to help us help others. City of Tulsa Update Tulsa Parks Student Support Camps Tulsa Parks is now opening up Student Support Camp spots to Tulsa residents with children needing daytime supervision while they complete their virtual and distance learning. Spots are open to Tulsa children, grades first through sixth, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. Each camp is designed to ensure each child’s distance/virtual learning needs are met, while providing a safe environment for them to complete their coursework and learning in. Children will be monitored in socially distanced “pods” with one adult per average of 10 kids. To keep everyone safe, there will be daily COVID questionnaires, temperature checks, and masks will be mandatory for children and staff. A $25 registration fee per week, per child is required to hold your spot. To register, visit and click “Enroll Online” and login/create your account to get started.
To launch this effort, Tulsa Parks is hiring school support aides to help staff these camps. If you or someone you know has teaching or childcare experience and needs work, call (918) 596-7275. Positions are full-time, temporary positions, that pay $12/hour. The current plan is to continue these camps until Dec. 23, 2020, at which time the program will be reevaluated based on need and school schedule changes. Tulsa Parks Meals on Wheels Tulsa Parks has partnered with TPS and Meals on Wheels to stand up recreation centers to provide food to families this week. Tulsa families can come to Hicks, Lacy, Malone and Reed Parks through Friday, Aug. 27, to pick up these meals between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Donations Accepted Corporate, industrial or medical partners wishing to donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may email At this time, we are unable to accept donations from private households or individuals due to quality control issues and potential contamination. Items collected will be distributed to the Regional Medical Response System. Hotline Hours Anyone with questions, concerns or seeking COVID-19 testing can call 918-582-9355 during normal business hours to speak with a public health professional. 211 is a community resource for questions outside of normal business hours.


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