Officer arrested

Published: 07/26/2021, 2:56 PM

(TULSA, Okla.)  On July 3 at 8:19 a.m., Officer Todd Snedegar was on-duty and advised dispatch that he was involved in a non-injury collision near 4000 S. Memorial Dr.

Officers responded to the scene and began working the collision. The initial investigation suggested that Snedegar was at fault and had collided with the vehicle in front of him at the stoplight.

During the investigation, a patrol supervisor on scene detected the odor associated with alcohol on Snedegar’s breath.

Snedegar was brought to the Mingo Valley Division to continue with the investigation. He admitted that he had been drinking the night before. At the division, Snedegar completed the state's intoxilyzer test which yielded a result of .11% blood alcohol concentration.

Snedegar was arrested for DUI and Possession of a Firearm while Intoxicated. He was booked into the Tulsa County Jail on 7/3/21.

Pending the criminal investigation, Snedegar has been removed from patrol and placed on restricted assignment. 


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