Tulsa COVID-19 Situation Update

Published: 08/07/2021, 6:05 PM

(TULSA, Okla.) To date, there have been 82,644 cases within Tulsa County residents, which accounts for over 12% of the     population having been confirmed positive. 5,775 Tulsa County     residents have ever been hospitalized due to COVID-19, and sadly 1,162 residents have died. The Tulsa Health Department COVID-19 data dashboard is updated every Wednesday.

Weekly case counts, hospitalizations and patients being     treated in Intensive Care Units continue to rise at an alarming rate, especially when you consider the prevention tools available that we did not have at this time last year. The most recent 3-day average for COVID-19 hospitalizations in Tulsa County stands at a staggering 351 individuals, with 111 in an ICU. Today, 17.1% of hospitalizations are COVID patients. These percentages haven't been that high since late January. 

Our regional neighbors in Missouri, Arkansas and Texas are nearing record-high hospitalizations, and the writing on the wall is clear that will be our reality soon if we do not slow the trajectory of cases. THD leadership maintains regular communication with administrators at each of our health care systems. The most concerning fact is that the vast majority of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated. Equally concerning is the fact that the average age of hospitalized patients is significantly     lower. At the height of the pandemic, the average age of someone in the hospital was around 62-65. Right now, the average age of someone in the hospital with COVID is around 42-44, and the acuity of patients is more severe. 

What was once the greatest threat to our elderly community members has now become a threat to a younger generation. This is preventable. This variant seems to be spreading among the age groups that are the most unvaccinated and most active in the community which is our 20-50 age range. THD cautions that in the coming weeks this demographic may be hit the hardest and it’s best to start taking precautions now.

Scientists are still learning why the Delta variant is more contagious and why it causes more several illness, but one fact remains clear: vaccines save lives. They are your greatest chance at preventing illness, hospitalizations and death. Vaccines are shown to minimize the severity of illness from the virus should you become infected.

Here is a brief overview from our data team for the week of July 25 – 31st:

  • Young adults in the 18-35 age group continue to account for the majority of cases in Tulsa County, representing 34% of cases. There was an 11.5% increase in cases within this age group compared to the previous week. Again, of age groups eligible for the vaccine, this group has the lowest          vaccination rates.  
    • The 36 - 49 group represented 22% of cases. There was a 16.7% increase in cases within this group compared to the previous week. 
    • While the 05 - 17 age group represented 14% of cases this week, this group had the second highest growth compared to the previous week, with a 12.4% increase           in cases. 
  • Overall, there was a 10.3% increase in overall cases compared to the week prior.
  • When you compare cases by city, the City of Tulsa accounts for 56% of cases within Tulsa County. 
    • Broken Arrow represents 14% of cases.
    • Bixby, Owasso, and Sand Springs each represent 6% respectively. 
    • No other municipalities represent over 3% of cases. 
  • The Tulsa Health Department remains committed to data, transparency, and a science-based approach to the pandemic. Anyone can view Tulsa County data on our website which is updated on a weekly basis.

A more in-depth review of current data and trends, including demographic information for cases, deaths and vaccinations in Tulsa County is available here

The interactive Tulsa County Zip Code Case Map is updated weekly on     Wednesdays. This map reflects the weekly active case rate per 1,000 residents.

Vaccine Distribution Update 

By the Numbers

Tulsa County continues to make great progress in vaccine administration. As of Aug 6th, 63.2% of Tulsa County     residents ages 12 and up have received at least one vaccine dose. 53.5% are fully immunized, according to CDC data which is the most comprehensive picture at vaccination rates. The Tulsa Health Department has administered more vaccines than any local health department in the state, and together with our partners we continue to vaccinate anyone ages 12 and up who wants to receive a shot.  View the data here

Scheduling An Appointment

THD now has COVID-19 vaccine clinics at four of its main sites: James O. Goodwin Health Center, Central Regional Health Center, North Regional Health and Wellness Center and Sand Springs Health Center. Appointments are required to receive the vaccine at the THD vaccine clinic. Anyone can make an appointment through the Oklahoma Vaccine Portal at vaccinate.oklahoma.gov. Those 12-17 years old will need a     parent or guardian present for consent to receive the Pfizer vaccine. The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine is recommended for those 18 years and older.

The COVID-19 vaccine is completely free to everyone. THD collects insurance information in order to recoup some administrative fees, but you are not required to have insurance. There is no out-of-pocket expense for anyone who receives a COVID-19 vaccine.

Other Opportunities

COVID-19 vaccines are now as accessible as a seasonal flu vaccine, with local doctor’s offices, health departments, pharmacies, major retailers and health care systems all offering the vaccine. Do not wait. It is easier than ever to access the COVID-19 vaccine, and with so many providers offering the vaccine there is very little to no wait time. You can quickly get in, receive your vaccine, wait the required 15 minute observation     period, and get on with the rest of your day.

Don't Delay

It’s normal to have questions. Talk to your personal doctor or health care provider, or call the Tulsa Health Department to speak with a public health professional. We want to empower everyone with the information they need to feel confident in their decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

For anyone who is considering a vaccination now, we are more than happy to welcome you with open arms and no judgement. All appointments at the Tulsa Health Department are confidential, and your information will be maintained in accordance with patient privacy laws.

Please, do not wait. The stories of families who only decide to     get vaccinated after losing a loved one will break your heart. The decision to vaccinate is personal and unique to every individual, but THD hopes it doesn’t take losing someone you love to change your mind.

Layered Approach to Protect Against COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccines are proven effective at protecting you from getting sick. The CDC has shared updated guidance for those who have completed their COVID-19 vaccination series. Based on what public health professionals know about COVID-19 vaccines, if you are fully vaccinated, you can participate in many of the activities that you did before the pandemic. To maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others, wear a mask indoors in public regardless of vaccination status. You should continue to wear a mask where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.

As long as the Delta variant remains a threat in our community, a layered approach is necessary to stay safe. Vaccines, masking indoors regardless of vaccination status, frequent handwashing and social distancing all work in tandem to slow the spread.

THD in Action Within the Community

Eliminating barriers to the vaccine and the intentional, equitable access to information about the vaccine are the top priority at THD. Our public health professionals have worked closely with partners like the Oklahoma Caring Foundation to bring mobile vaccination clinics to neighborhoods, churches, parks and community centers. Our network of partners has also worked to provide vaccine clinics at local private businesses, schools and private events.

THD is grateful to the work of the City of Tulsa’s LatinX COVID-19 Outreach committee, and our local Spanish media outlets, for their continued partnership to engage our Spanish-speaking residents with information about the vaccine through virtual town halls, radio and television broadcasts. We are equally grateful to our medical community partners who continue to     empower patients and the community at large with information about the vaccine.

If your company or community event would like on-site vaccinations, you can submit an online request at vaccinate918.com. We work with our partners to meet as many requests as possible.


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