The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Stash Boxes

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Published: 09/27/2021, 3:24 PM
Edited: 11/10/2021, 2:47 PM

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(NATIONAL) The list of marijuana accessories is growing fast, making it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite cannabis products. While many of these items have been longtime staples in stoner circles, quality and functionality have never been better. 

Few accessories have seen a rebirth quite like the stash box. Velvet bags and the case for your sunglasses have been replaced by extravagant showpieces and highly portable kits that make organizing your essentials a breeze. 

We’ll explore the world of stash boxes and recommend a few along the way. From luxury options to budget-friendly boxes, you’ll be able to keep your stash hidden while handy. 

What’s a Stash Box?

While the exact contents are open to interpretation, a stash box is simply a container for storing marijuana and its accessories in a place that isn’t completely obvious to others. Many people use them for storing flower or extracts. Keeping a pipe, dab tools, or lighters on hand is common as well. 

From humble roots, stash boxes are now made solely for the purpose of storing your marijuana. Many come with specialized slots for pipes and grinders, and cannabis humidors are becoming a popular way to keep your flower fresh. 

Stash Box Options


If you’re looking for a smell-proof and durable box on a budget, DiscreetSmoker has you covered. They make numerous products designed specifically for storing stinky flower without attracting attention. Their cases have built-in locks, keeping out sneaky roommates and making them a bargain for the price.


FlavorFix makes a beautiful wood box perfect for storing your smoking essentials. You won’t have to worry about stashing your stash box with this piece. Made with walnut and accented with maple, this high-end stash box makes a perfect accent piece in living rooms or on bookshelves, enabling you to discreetly store goods in plain sight.

GrassCity Rolling Tray

A one-stop-shop for all things smoking, GrassCity has a huge collection of stash boxes and other accessories. This bamboo rolling tray, however, might just be the coolest item in stock. With built-in slots for jars or grinders, pipes, and even a dugout, this versatile tray can handle any occasion. There’s a large area to store ground flower, and ample space to roll it up.

Prymal Products

Another budget-friendly option that comes with a lock and key is the Large Wooden Stash Box from Prymal Products. The inside of the box has three sections to make organizing easy. There’s a small bamboo rolling tray stored inside as well to make joints or blunts a breeze. The high-quality wood makes this another product that would blend in anywhere.


The 11-piece stash box from SkyHigh is rugged and a perfect choice for camping or outdoor activities. The kit contains a hemp wick, dab tools, and even a grinder. A heavy-duty padlock is included to help keep your stash safe. This piece is one of the best portable stash boxes on the market today.


If you prefer high-end smoking accessories, the Volant Stash Box was made for you. Wrapped in premium leather, you won’t find a more attractive way to store your herbs. The box includes an aluminum ashtray, stash jars, and rolling tray. A ceramic coated grinder is also included and provides another smell-proof way to store your herb. 

The days of storing your marijuana in random boxes or bags are over. With tons of stash box options available, there’s something for any taste or lifestyle. If you’re a traveling smoker, consider a durable option that can keep your accessories safe. If you like to stay home and smoke, pick out a wood box or something that doesn’t have to hide in the closet. With the right stash box, you’ll have a safe and convenient place to keep all of your goods. 

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