Dynamic duo takes Broome County photography scene to new heights

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Collaborator: Rahkiya "Rocky" Brown
Published: 11/12/2021, 1:42 AM
Edited: 11/12/2021, 3:16 AM

(BINGHAMTON, N.Y.) Known as one of the best photography duos in the area, husband and wife Ray and Kay Alvarez haven’t always been on the same business team. 

Originally from Brooklyn, they relocated to the Binghamton area in 2010. 

Ray has been doing professional photography for the past five years. Kay tells us she has always had a passion for fashion and make-up, but only started working professionally in the field about two years ago. 

In late 2019, they decided to put their talents together to create the innovative make-up and photography combo "Shoot with Ray". 

“It is something you rarely saw for the photography scene here in Binghamton,” Ray said. “We decided to combine the two and market it to the public, as we felt it was such a great benefit. Especially for aspiring and professional models who do it all the time for shoots or TV commercials.”

Their goal is to create a convenient one-stop shop for their clients. And they achieve it through their ability to work so well together.

Coaching and guiding clients through a shoot makes for an overall creative experience, rather than just your typical photo shoot. 

"My husband is one of my biggest inspirations, his art and creative portrait styles gives me many ideas to create, along with art work from various different artists,” Kay said. “When researching and brainstorming for any of my looks, I get inspired by many different paintings, drawings, florals, and color palettes. Pinterest is also a good form of research for inspiration." 

After finding success as a duo, they’re now working on expanding their brand for one of their biggest commissions: weddings. 

"Weddings by Ray" is a team of five, including another well-known photographer in the area, Julio Bravo, who works as their associate photographer. 

"I've been watching Julio for a while now,” Ray said. “His work ethic is amazing and after a few test runs, we felt Julio would be amazing to a growing team; a growing brand."

Julio will join them as a second photographer for larger weddings and also cover some of them on his own. 

As a younger photographer in the area, Julio said he looks to Ray and Kay as mentors. He told us the team loyalty really makes it feel like family.

"This team wants nothing but the best out of you and they will do everything to help you get there,” Julio said. 

You can book a day to "Shoot with Ray" through a variety of websites depending on your needs.




Not in the Binghamton area? No problem! “Shoot with Ray” also has studio spaces in New York City and Syracuse.


Ann Marie Worthley
11/17/2021, 2:04 PM

Great story!!