Thieves steal thousands worth of jewelry from Tulsa pawn shop

Published: 01/15/2019, 7:44 AM

(TULSA, Okla.) Tulsa police responded to an alleged armed robbery at the EZ Pawn located 3118 S. Garnett Road Monday afternoon.  

The three suspects entered the EZ Pawn Shop and walked up to the jewelry counter. At the jewelry counter, two of the three black male suspects produced large broken pieces of concrete to smash the lower glass protecting the jewelry counter.  The two suspects reached into the broken counter glass area and removed the jewelry and broken glass which allowed the suspects to grab additional items.  

According to customers, the 3rd suspect remained at the entry door to EZ Pawn with a dark colored firearm.  During the investigation, the employees recalled they did not see any firearm or threats of firearm by any of the three suspects.

The crime type has changed from Armed Robbery to Grand Larceny.

The suspects ran from the EZ Pawn towards the east and south of Advance Auto Parts located on the southeast corner at 3100 S. Garnett Road.   The suspects were dropping items as they ran to the east and south of Advance Auto Parts.  The suspects were last seen in the area of 3200 S. 114th East Avenue jumping privacy and chain link  fences in the area to elude witnesses. The suspects were able to get away from eyewitnesses without a trace.  No one reported suspects getting into a suspect vehicle.

Tulsa Police Department received some information from additional callers who stated they witnessed the suspects run into the Meadows Apartment located at 2800 S. 115th East Avenue.  This information could not be confirmed or denied by after interviewing additional callers.

The loss is reported by EZ Pawn management declared the loss is in the thousands of dollars.  

EZ Pawn does have video of the suspects committing the crime which will be recovered by detectives.


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