Local musician celebrating year’s end with new mixtape

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Collaborator: Rahkiya "Rocky" Brown
Published: 12/23/2021, 9:36 PM
Edited: 12/27/2021, 1:33 AM

(BINGHAMTON N.Y.) Broome County is filled with talented musicians. 

Take Bronx native, Donny Amour. After quite the year, Amour is finishing strong with a new mixtape. The project is titled “Til Don”- a play on words. 

“I turned it into a triple entendre,” Amour said. “Don, short for Donny. Don, a play on words for the term dawn. Basically stating I can be lyrically sharp until the sun comes up; and lastly, I’ve always been intrigued with mobsters. Not so much what they did, but how it was done and their classy appearances. So don, as used in a mafia, meaning the boss.”

Amour said fans can expect intricate lyricism, metaphors, and wit on the 9-track mixtape.

“I want to show my supporters I can be a rambunctious rapper when I want,” Amour said. 

Amour’s previous project “Kraisis” has seen great success with songs like “Sade”. The hit reached 36 states and 33 countries, with over 30,000 streams. 

His talent has even gained the attention of hip-hop legend Big Daddy Kane through one of his freestyle videos. The video catapulted the up-and-coming rapper’s video streams to over 20,000; his highest watched video to date. 

Amour said “Til Don” is his way of closing out a well-accomplished year in music, and gearing up for the new year.

A full-time father and husband, Amour doesn't plan on letting up in the music scene any time soon. In fact, he’s already back in the studio working on an R&B album set to release on Valentine’s Day 2022.  

“Til Don” will be available for free on datpiff.com on New Year's Eve 2021. 

You can follow Donny Amour and his music by following his instagram page @don_n_y 


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12/28/2021, 1:59 PM

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