The Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide to Keep Your Favorite Woman Safe

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Published: 01/27/2022, 3:41 AM
Edited: 01/27/2022, 3:45 AM

Love and Protect is presented by KO Fitness and Firearms. Life is precious. Take safety into your own hands. 

Written By: Jennah James

(NATIONAL) Flowers, candy, and jewelry might seem like the surefire way to a woman’s heart this Valentine’s Day, but maybe it's time to think outside the (chocolate) box. 

We’re talking protection. The kind she can use to protect herself. 

Best Guns for Women

Pink, black, or whichever color she prefers, handguns come in special makes and models for ladies. National Rifle Association rated the top 10 guns for women in 2020. Here’s the top three:

Coming in third place is the Smith & Wesson M&P380 Shield EZ, a top choice for those who might need assistance with the slide manipulation. Women surveyed said they love the effortless function and lightweight frame. The pistol features a double safety and it conceals easily. 

Second in line goes to Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ. The handgun features the same easy-to-rack slide and mild recoil. Introduced in 2020, the handgun is now offered in the larger 9 mm self-defense chambering. It is also just negligibly larger than the .380 ACP model.

And for the top spot- size matters when it comes to the SIG Sauer P365. It came onto the market in 2018, and it’s the first pistol of its size and caliber to feature a standard 10+1 magazine. Now, the SIG Sauer P365 is offered in an “XL” model with a standard 12+1 capacity and optional 15-round mags. NRA says that the most alluring qualities are the grip, size and round capacity. 

Once you have found the perfect fit for your lady, be sure to buy her some time with you at the shooting range. 

Firing off rounds not her thing? No problem. There’s plenty of alternative weapons for people who don’t like shooting guns. 

Sign Her Up for Some Classes 

Or better yet, provide her with the means to sign herself up. A well-thought-out gift certificate or gift card can go a long way. 

Self-defense classes will teach her the minimum basic skills she needs to protect herself against an attack. Check your local law enforcement for options in your area. 

Virtual courses are also available. Online classes range from de-escalation to home security. 

Other options include memberships to boxing clubs or martial arts academies, but tread lightly in this direction. Not every woman will appreciate her significant other buying her a gym membership. 

Home Security

Video doorbells and home security systems, including flood lights, can help protect your favorite woman while she’s sleeping or otherwise occupied.

Smart home security cameras, such as Blink, will automatically start recording once movement is detected. Users are then able to play back the video and audio recordings and save them for later if needed.

Here’s some additional security camera brands and reviews. 

On The Move

Safety is also important when your loved ones hit the pavement. 

Your burning love can shine bright through a reflective vest and emergency roadside flare. Unplanned events on the roadway don’t have to escalate into an even more dangerous situation. 

According to AAA, a car emergency kit should include a cell phone (time for an upgrade?) and car charger. Basic tools, flashlight and traction aid are also recommended for the roadside kit. A hand-crank radio will not only keep her posted on the latest severe weather, but some can also charge a cell phone. 

These practical ways to show your romantic creativity this Valentine’s Day will go straight to the heart, protecting her while bringing you comfort. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Presented by KO Fitness and Firearms- not just dedicated to creating customers. We want to help create peace of mind and security for life.  


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