Get ready to hit “The Blox”: New reality TV show premieres next week

Collaborator: Brittany Harlow
Published: 02/04/2022, 7:10 PM
Edited: 02/07/2022, 3:54 AM

(NATIONAL) BetaBlox founder and entrepreneurial mastermind Weston Bergmann is ready to unleash his reality TV show on the world.  

Watch the trailer for Season One here.

“The Blox” was filmed in Kansas City, Missouri, during the summer of 2021.  

Considered the “largest live-in startup competition on the planet”, leaders of 20 start-up companies from all over the country train and test during the day then battle it out to be Leaders of the Blox at night.  

At the end of each season, a winning company walks away as the Best Startup on The Blox.  

Season One of The Blox premieres February 10 on BetaBlox’s custom mobile app of the same name.  

The Blox app also contains other tools and assets to help entrepreneurs hit their own goals, including hundreds of hours of video and audio-based consultations with world-class mentors and a series of guided meditations to help them harness the power of their brain space. 

BetaBlox is one of the longest standing and largest entrepreneurship incubators worldwide, rocketing start-ups to success for more than a decade. The company boasts an impressive 88 percent startup survival rate, defined by the Small Business Association as making it to year three.  

VNN competed on Season Two of The Blox, set to air in the spring.

Are you ready to head to The Blox? Download the app here. 

Note: Verified News Network (VNN) joined BetaBlox in 2019, exchanging 5 percent company equity for training and other business development resources. BetaBlox has no VNN voting rights, power, or editorial control of any kind. 


Ann Marie Worthley
02/05/2022, 9:06 PM

Congratulations VNN!!