President postpones SOTU address until shutdown ends

Collaborator: Brittany Harlow
Published: 01/24/2019, 1:41 PM
(WASHINGTON, D.C.) The back and forth continued online between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday, a day after President Trump announced he would postpone his State of the Union Address until after the government shutdown ends. The announcement came hours after Pelosi sent President Trump a letter telling him when they agreed upon January 29 back at the beginning of the month, she had no idea the government shutdown would still be going on. “I am writing to inform you that the House of Representatives will not consider a concurrent resolution authorizing the President’s State of the Union address in the House Chamber until government has opened,” Pelosi’s letter said. The president later tweeted his response, postponing the address: “As the Shutdown was going on, Nancy Pelosi asked me to give the State of the Union Address. I agreed. She then changed her mind because of the Shutdown, suggesting a later date. This is her prerogative - I will do the Address when the Shutdown is over. I am not looking for an alternative venue for the SOTU Address because there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the House Chamber. I look forward to giving a “great” State of the Union Address in the near future!” Pelosi continued to call on the president to end the shutdown on Twitter the next day, saying his inaction is causing “real challenges for those entrusted with protecting our national security.” President Trump issued his response, also on Twitter, saying, “Nancy just said she “just doesn’t understand why?” Very simply, without a Wall it all doesn’t work. Our Country has a chance to greatly reduce Crime, Human Trafficking, Gangs and Drugs. Should have been done for decades. We will not Cave!” As the longest shutdown in government history hit Day 34 on Thursday, two bills to end the shutdown were scheduled for a vote in the Senate. Neither is expected to pass.


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