Season Two of docu-series “The Blox” just released

Collaborator: Brittany Harlow
Published: 07/12/2022, 1:32 AM
Edited: 07/12/2022, 2:16 AM

(NATIONAL) The second season of The Blox, a docu-series competition show about entrepreneurship, premiered Monday night. 

The show is spearheaded by Weston "Wes" Bergmann, a reality TV star from The Real World: Austin and subsequent reality TV show hits. 

Verified News Network (VNN) was one of 20 startups chosen to live with and compete against each other for the title of “best startup on The Blox” on Season 2. 

Tulsa-based businesses AbleVeg and Gaidama also competed on the show.

“Being on the Blox was an intense and fast-paced experience,” AbleVeg owner Laura Koval said. “The opportunity to work with the coaches and ask questions about how to apply the concepts we learned to my own business was definitely my biggest takeaway. Diving deep into the different challenges pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to look at several aspects of my company in a new light.” 

Koval said future contestants should be prepared to go in with an open mind and ready to absorb a lot of information. 


Other contestants included STRM Shirt, Nothing Vanilla Cookies, and Felipe's 109

STRM Shirt co-owner Patrick Glasson said being on The Blox was pivotal for their early-stage business, giving he and his co-owner Ryan Miller a new perspective on how to grow and succeed.

“Like most things, you’ll get what you put into the show,” Glasson said. “We worked every night on our business after filming. We also really enjoyed opportunities to connect with other business owners.”

Nothing Vanilla Cookies owner Trevor Stripling said he was able to learn and grow his business by learning insider professional advice. 

“I was so happy be able to share my vision of my company and see what worked and what could be even better,” Stripling said. “As a queer individual, I haven't always felt safe in society, I am so thankful to everyone involved for creating a safe space for all of us to live and film in during the creation process of The Blox Season 2.” 

Felipe Velasquez, owner of Felipes 109, said if you go to The Blox, make sure you are ready to compete. 

“Understand that every day will be different,” Velasquez said. “Testing all your strengths or weakness in business. What don’t kill you will make you stronger! Listen, learn, study others, remember, repeat. That’s it from me. Love, peace, and green chili!”

VNN has been a member of the BetaBlox family since 2019, through the BetaBlox business incubator and accelerator program, which trades training and resources for 5 percent equity. 

Download the free Blox app to binge watch Season 2 on iOs or Android devices here. 


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