AICCO’s LNO program elevating Native leadership, business in 2023

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Published: 04/23/2023, 7:57 PM
Edited: 04/23/2023, 7:58 PM

Native Commerce News is sponsored by the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma (AICCO), dedicated to expanding Indian Country commerce across the globe. 

(OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.) 38 federally recognized Indian nations are located within Oklahoma’s borders, a state that’s home to one of the largest Indigenous populations in the country. Through Leadership Native Oklahoma (LNO), an annual program put on by American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma (AICCO), descendants from more than a dozen tribes will bring Native perspective to the forefront of business and leadership this spring and summer.

“AICCO is the largest and premier Chamber of Native and Minority-owned businesses spanning across the state,” State Board President Bailey Walker said. “Our organization is committed to strengthening and advancing economic opportunity throughout Indian Country, and our annual LNO program plays a big role in laying that strong foundation.”

The LNO program began back in 2016. More than 200 people from different professions, backgrounds, and political affiliations have gone through the program since. Tuition is just $500 and costs are offset by program sponsorship.

A highly coveted class of 35 applicants were selected for the 2023 program. Class days will be held once a month March through July for both Native and non-Native participants.

The first class of the year was facilitated by the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma on March 27. Presenters included Higher Education Director Regina Riley and Title VI Coordinator Patty Roe. Activities included a tour of the Grey Snow Eagle House.

“Our chamber is working to reestablish the international trade routes of Indigenous peoples developed thousands of years ago,” Walker said. “The first step in achieving that goal begins right here in Indian Country.”

Walker said American Indian populations have unique values and needs that must be considered when planning for future generations.

He said LNO is a program that also equips business owners and other stakeholders in Indian Country with the tools and resources to succeed in the constantly evolving commerce and trade landscapes.

While applications are no longer being accepted for LNO’s Class of 2023, there is still a way for more businesses, organizations, and governments to be a part of the unique interactions and learning opportunities provided by LNO through class sponsorship.

Sponsorship options range from Wolf ($1,000) to Eagle ($7,500) and are accompanied by a variety of LNO promotional benefits.

All sponsorship levels also include admittance to the LNO Graduation Banquet, a distinguished networking event with tribal leaders, state leaders, and participants.

“Regardless of whether you are a tribal leader, sponsor, or participant, the goal of the LNO Class of 2023 is the same: to ensure a better future for Native Oklahoma,” Walker said. “LNO is furthering Native America’s role in business and leadership and promoting high Indian Country standards for generations to come. We’re looking forward to LNO’s best year yet.”

AICCO is a non-profit organization AICCO that has advocated for the economic growth of Indian Country for more than 30 years. It was founded in the early 1990’s with a grant to the Indian Health Care Resource Center in Tulsa with the primary purpose of bringing Native business owners, tribes and resources together.

Its membership is currently more than 400 strong and growing and includes Native and non-Native businesses and individuals as well as Native students.

To learn more about LNO programming and sponsorship opportunities, visit

For additional information, you may also email or call 918-624-9382.


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