New website modernizes Mvskoke language learning

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Collaborator: Rachael Schuit
Published: 03/11/2024, 8:16 PM

(MUSCOGEE NATION) Aceyepvs! Come on in!

A living language is essential for tribal culture to thrive. The Mvskoke Language Program is breathing new life into teaching theirs with the launch of its Mvskoke Language Website.

“One of the important parts for us was that everything was Mvskoke language first,” said Elizabeth ‘Eli’ Rowland-Chang, Mvskoke Language Revitalization Project Manager. 

The initiative’s new website features interactive learning tools offering exposure to the Mvskoke language for free. Its novice learning section includes pronunciations for the Mvskoke alphabet and common greeting phrases. Those comfortable with the basics can move on to the intermediate level to begin learning two- and three-letter sounds and helpful words such as the months of the year.

The advanced learning level offers more complex sentence structure building, and all users can practice what they’ve learned with special language activities, listening to Mvskoke hymns, or even listening to the New Testament in the Mvskoke language.

For those who want to learn the language in a virtual setting, the website has a calendar with Zoom links to attend virtual classes. 

Finally, tribal citizens of the Muscogee Nation have access to a specific members-only section of the Mvskoke Language Program website.

“One of the things that was discussed with leadership was that we wanted to protect our sovereignty and our language,” said Rowland-Chang. “So, what that means is we want any culturally sensitive material to be kept safe and within our community and nation.”

Muscogee Citizens who want access to this website section must fill out an application at the bottom of the home page. The Mvskoke Language Program will then verify an applicant's tribal citizenship before granting access to that section of the website. 

Those interested in learning the Mvskoke Language can also find recorded lessons on grammar and other language topics by visiting the program’s social media pages–all of which can be found on the website.


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