Indigenous Women Comedy Show Making Waves at The Vanguard Once Again

Collaborator: Trista Vaughn
Published: 03/20/2024, 3:25 PM

(TULSA, Okla.) - Aunties Acting Up: Vol. II is set to hit the stage at The Vanguard this Saturday at 8 PM.

The lineup features six female Indigenous comedians: Jordan Jayi, Nathalie Standingcloud, Kels Cooper, Natasha Ferndinad, Rachel Rose, and Julie Make, as well as a special appearance by Ken Pomeroy.

Peshawn Bread is hosting the comedy show, and “is a powerhouse in Native pop culture right now,” said Kels Cooper, comedian and event coordinator. The company is “known for fashion and working on Echo. They bring a little different flavor.”

Nathalie Standingcloud, who hosted last year’s Aunties Acting Up: Vol. I, says this year’s comedy show will further elevate and celebrate the voices of Native women in comedy.

“Kels Cooper approached me after my episode [of] Reservation Dogs and talked about getting a group of us and having a place for Native women to take up space, have their voices heard, and just be silly for once and literally ‘act up.’”

Standingcloud says two more comedians were added to this year's show, and that audiences are excited to see what’s in store.

“I’m hoping this becomes a trend within this group and events going on where members of our group will shift and more opportunities for Native women to get on stage and try something like this for the first time,” she noted.

Community support is also key, Cooper added.

“Jokes aside, we recognize the responsibility that comes with being storytellers and representing our people on a stage,” she said. “It is fun, but we do take it pretty seriously. We are just grateful for everyone’s support. It is a huge blessing.”

A fundraiser raffle will take place during the comedy show, with proceeds going to NOISE–a grassroots organization of volunteers who came together to assist families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives (MMIR). In addition to raising awareness of this issue, NOISE works with families to support them in finding their missing loved ones and to bring justice to relatives who have been lost.

Admission to Aunties Acting Up: Vol. II is open to those 18 and older. Tickets are available here.


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