Burglary victim tracks robbery suspects to nearby motel

Published: 09/29/2019, 2:22 PM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
(TULSA, Okla.) On Saturday at 7:30 PM, officers responded to the Quality Inn at 3112 S. 79 East Avenue in search of burglary and auto theft suspects.    The victim of a burglary, Tiffany Roberts had tracked suspects using her credit card to the motel. The cards along with her Jeep had been stolen when her house was burglarized on Thursday.    Officers found suspects Ashlee Ragsdale and Lawrence Kilgore in a motel room rented with Roberts’ credit card. Kilgore was wanted on a felony warrant.  He was arrested and consented to a search of the room.  In the room officers found evidence of a significant identity theft and fraud operation with a ledger containing personal information from multiple persons.  While officers were there the desk clerk handed them a stack of credit cards that had recently arrived by mail addressed to the suspects' room.  Fraud Detectives came in to work the case.  Ragsdale appears to be the mastermind . She was arrested for multiple counts of fraud related crimes.  Kilgore was arrested on his felony warrant and will be caught up in the criminal conspiracy.   The victim of the burglary, Tiffany Roberts was key in developing the suspects and directing officers to their location.  She was able to see the case unfold on Live PD.  Her Jeep has not been found and officers don't know who the suspects that stole it are.  Tiffany hopes that media attention will help get her Jeep back and lead to the prosecution of people who stole her property.


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