Militias clash with Trump supporters during early voting in North Texas

Collaborator: Brian Hesson
Published: 11/01/2020, 8:08 PM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
(FORT WORTH, Texas) Political animosity between traveling Trump supporters and Fort Worth locals boiled over at a voting location this week. A spokesperson for Black Shield Militia said Black militias, local law enforcement, and additional armed groups responded to an apparent disturbance this past Wednesday in front of the Charles F Griffin Building off Miller Ave near downtown Fort Worth. As the election nears around the corner, the Democratic party has bolstered efforts to increase voter enthusiasm in key battleground states with Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris making a three-city tour of Texas’ most embattled political cities. With her first stop in Fort Worth on Friday, counter protesters were reported trailing the VP nominee’s motorcade with many driving through an historically all-black neighborhood just a few miles from her stage at the Mt. Rose Baptist Church. According to eye witnesses, Trump supporters could be seen honking, making “doughnuts” in the streets, and allegedly yelling racial slurs and profanities as they drove by. In response, local Black militias and law enforcement congregated in front of the Charles F Griffin Building, a polling location, and began escorting locals to the polls. The most prominent Black Militia group present at the time was the Black Shield Militia. We spoke with Maurice Williams, a militia member, who told us the group was there to protect their community from voter intimidation and emphasized that the group was politically unaffiliated with either campaign. Organized and well-armed, the militiamen were seen controlling traffic and escorting locals across the street so that they can safely get to the polling stations. According to Williams, by the time they showed up the Trump supporters either left the area or were protesting outside of the Kamala Harris rally. Tarrant County’s Fort Worth, the first major metropolitan area the VP nominee visited, has become a prominent battleground city for both Democrats and Republicans. According to the political map developed by the Center for Urban Studies (, Democrats had a 14% voter increase in Tarrant County during the 2016 presidential election, compared to Obama’s 2012 presidential run. With shifting demographic changes in the suburban areas, both campaigns have made it a necessity to pour time and resources campaigning in the Lone Star state. This, however, has created an inevitable clash between supporters of both sides, prompting Texan Governor Gregg Abbott to announce his intent to mobilize the national guard on election night. As the election nears closer, the threat of clashes between supporters continues to be a growing concern for local officials and law enforcement.


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