Police seize 18 pounds of drugs, 12 guns in cartel-related bust

Published: 12/30/2018, 11:00 AM
Edited: 12/30/2018, 11:02 AM

(TULSA, Okla.) On Friday, narcotics officers with the Tulsa Police Department’s Special Investigations Division, along with federal agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration, served search warrants at an apartment and a storage unit within the city of Tulsa. The apartment was in the area of 61st and Memorial.

As a result of the search warrants, officers seized 12 firearms (including numerous assault rifles), 2 pounds of heroin, and 16 pounds of methamphetamine. 

One Hispanic male was taken into custody.  The suspect arrested has ties to the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Members of the Sinaloa cartel have been the target of numerous investigations in Tulsa by narcotics officers and they continue to be a priority for law enforcement in the city.  


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