Here Comes the Sun! Interior Design for a Bright Home

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Published: 07/06/2021, 2:30 AM

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(NATIONAL) The days are long and filled with light, and neighborhoods are abuzz with warmth and energy. It’s only fitting that you want your home to reflect that same lively spirit. To celebrate summer, let the sun shine through your home décor with these ideas for bright, warm, and summery interior accents.

Bedroom / Living Spaces

● Sunny yellow pillows and throw blankets are an easy addition to add some sun in your bedroom or living room. Simply cover your regular pillows with a solid or graphic pillowcase, or break out a bright new throw.

● Try a yellow bedspread or quilt. One with pattern will blend with other design elements, and a bedspread of solid yellow will become the focal point of your sunny bedroom.

● Liven up your shelves with honey bee decorations. These wood gnomes with yellow and black striped hats make a trendy addition to your beehive decor. 

● Inspire a year-round sunny disposition with permanent, painted accents like a yellow accent wall, hutch, or side table.


● Prints like these small “You Are My Sunshine” and “Shine Bright” are perfect for bringing their bright, happy message to a nursery or small office space. Or, go boho with a large sunburst print for the living room or dining room.

● Take some of your favorite prints and photographs and add a yellow frame. Go with a buttery vintage tone, or go bright and shiny with a lacquer frame, or happy and rustic with a yellow wooden frame. This is also a great DIY opportunity to pick the perfect yellow to make your art pop.


● Shelf organizers, baskets, and toothbrush holders can be more than just functional. Bring the sunshine into your morning with bright bathroom accents. Organizers come in all sorts of materials, too, like mason jars and metal wire.

● Shaped like suns, lemons, or just colored in bold yellows and oranges, hand soaps are fun and an easy way to add a pop of color to your bathroom--not to mention their scents can be equally sunny! If you prefer liquid soap, soap dispensers are another great opportunity for decoration. Try this one shaped like a lemon, or this one decorated with sunflowers.

● For a statement piece, go with a bright yellow shower curtain or towels. Even if your schedule dictates you wake up before the sun, you’ll have plenty of bright cheeriness while you get ready for your day.


● Add a pop of sun to your counter or dining table with flower vases like this round vase that comes in yellow or orange or this vintage yellow farmhouse pitcher. Of course, that brings us to our next suggestion:

● Fresh flowers! The sunny yellow options are endless--daisies, roses, lilies, marigolds, daffodils, and tulips are just a few that come to mind. Grab an all-yellow bunch of the same type of flower for the most cohesive statement.

● Yellow mugs or cups add brightness to whatever room they’re in, whether it’s entertaining guests for coffee in the living room or sipping iced tea on the back porch! Then hang them over your countertop or line them up on a serving tray instead of tucking them into the cupboards when you’re finished.

● Tea towels are easily swapped out for the season. Go with cheerful yellow and white polka dots or watercolor stripes for a summery vibe.

There’s no question that sunshine is what makes summer, and now you can bring all that sun into your home with a variety of design and décor ideas! Focus on one room or add little rays of sun to them all and give your family and guests that summertime feeling.

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