10 Gifts Your Cannabis-Loving Friends Will Actually Use

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Published: 11/22/2021, 4:23 PM

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(NATIONAL) Finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one is tricky. It’s even more challenging if they’re into niche hobbies that you may not know much about, like bookbinding, botany, or smoking cannabis. 

In this guide, we recommend 10 cannabis-friendly gifts your bud is sure to love. 

Best Buds Votive Candle Set 

This four-piece votive set includes four 3-ounce, cannabis-inspired candles, including CASHMERE K*SH, K*SH, COWBOY K*SH, and ITALIAN K*SH. Each candle is made with a beeswax and coconut wax blend and features a cotton wick with an average burn time of 16 hours.

Jane West Travel Collection: The Wand One-Hitter 

If your giftee is a bit secretive about smoking, they may need a fancy one-hitter to help them out. The Wand One-Hitter by Jane West is compact and stylish. It includes a one-hitter, poker, and an herb chamber, all of which come packed inside a mascara-esque carrying case. 

Hard Edge Lighter

Every cannabis should have a lighter on hand. But, instead of gifting them a pack of BICs, why not go all out with a decorative work of art? This Hard Edge Lighter by Tsubota Pearl features a polycarbonate casing, a steel interior, and a cotton wick. It’s available in Yellow, Sky Blue, Green, Bordeaux, Cow Print, and Light Pink. Quick note: This lighter should be filled with Zippo or Zippo-style lighter fluid, not butane. Fluid is not included. 

Cannabis Soup Poster

If your giftee is a fan of cannabis and Andy Warhol, then they’ll love this Cannabis Soup print created by Jenna Rast. It’s printed on 100-pound smooth gloss paper and comes in four sizes: 9 by 12 inches, 12 by 16 inches, 18 by 24 inches, and 30 by 40 inches. If they’re not into Warhol-esque prints, Rast also sells trippy, neon posters (like this Blue Hempy Leaves Poster) that are way cooler than they are cliché. 

“Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed” by the Editors of MUNCHIES 

Speaking of soup, the editors of MUNCHIES (Vice’s food website) created a cannabis cookbook based on the popular MUNCHIES and Viceland TV series “Bong Appétit.” The book features 65 “‘high’-end recipes for sweet and savory dishes as well as cocktails.” It’s available in Kindle and hardback. The hardback version weighs around 2 pounds and measures 8.26 by 10.28 inches. So, it could make for a solid stocking stuffer if you didn’t want to break out the wrapping paper. 

Bliss Kiss Balm CBD Lip Treatment

Did you know that smoking cannabis could cause dry, chapped lips? (Cold, winter weather can also cause chapped lips and dry skin.) Give your canna-companion the gift of healthier-looking lips with this Bliss Kiss Balm CBD Lip Treatment by Cannabliss Organic. Made with mango seed butter, avocado oil, and magnolia fruit extract, this lip balm is sure to soothe their lips in a pinch. 

Hot Box Mini Backpack

The Hot Box Mini Backpack by Dime Bags is ideal for cannabis lovers who are always on the go. (Cue Adam Sandler’s famous line: “You can put your weed in there.”) The bag comes with a smell-proof polybag, a 4th amendment card, and a secret pocket. It’s also water-resistant, has seven compartments, and has heavy-duty zippers. 

Studio A-OK Medtainer Grinder

If your canna-buddy doesn’t have a grinder, you need to get them one ASAP. Without a grinder, they’re basically wasting good bud that could be preserved and smoked later. That’s because, unlike sweaty little fingers, a grinder can slice and dice dry herb into a green mound of powder—preventing a mess, saving time, and improving the overall potency of the bud. The Studio A-OK Medtainer Grinder is compact, lightweight, water-tight, and scent-trapping. It’s designed in three pieces with a grinder built into the cap, so you can store, grind, and pour no matter where you are.

Cannabolish Spray

ICYMI, cannabis has a pungent aroma. If your cannabis comrade wants to keep their hobby on the DL, consider throwing an odor eliminator in their stocking. As the name suggests, Cannabolish Spray is an odor-eliminating spray and air freshener. It’s made with a blend of water and natural plant oils, has a refreshing wintergreen scent, and comes packaged in a non-aerosol, biodegradable spray bottle. 

Weedie Parker Best Buds Tote Set

If you’re unsure what your best bud wants or needs this holiday season, opt for a gift set or tote. This Weedie Parker Best Buds Tote Set by Edie Parker, for example, has all the essentials, including rolling papers, a BIC lighter, tamping stick, stickers, and a miniature tote to put it all in. Edie Parker also sells a For a Good Time Best Buds Tote Set that includes rolling papers, pins, a BIC lighter, and stickers. 

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or a full-blown mega-gift, this guide to the things cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate is sure to help you find just the thing!

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