Uptick in vehicle burglaries linked to unlocked doors

Published: 01/23/2019, 9:36 AM
Edited: 01/23/2019, 9:43 AM

(TULSA, Okla.) Tulsa Police are reminding drivers to lock their doors after a string of vehicle burglaries in downtown Tulsa.

One of the most recent crimes was solved after officers received a video of a burglary from vehicle downtown at 100 N. Main Street on Thursday. The crime had occurred a couple days before but the victim had not reported the crime.  

Officers located the victim and discovered the victim had not realized the suspect had entered her vehicle.  The victim made a police report and officers developed information on the suspect's identity from a witness in the area.  

The suspect was located on Friday when Working in Neighborhoods was performing inspections in the area of 1000 N. Main Street.  

The suspect, Donnie Clemons, had municipal warrants for his arrest and Working in Neighborhoods called TPD for assistance.  Officers arrived to the location and arrested Clemons for the warrants and the 3rd Degree Burglary from Vehicle Crime.  

Clemons admitted to the crime and was still wearing the pants he was wearing when the crime was committed.

This incident could have been prevented if the victim had locked her vehicle.  

The majority in increase in vehicle burglary crimes downtown involve unlocked vehicles.


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