Man arrested after trying to pull over Tulsa police officer

Published: 05/15/2019, 4:55 AM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
On Monday at 12:36 AM, Officer Martin was on routine patrol in the area of Yale and Admiral when he saw a vehicle behind him with a light bar that is similar to what we use on our patrol cars. The driver activated the light bar and Officer Martin pulled over because he thought it was another officer who wanted to talk to him. He quickly realized that the bar was not entirely like the type that TPD uses so Officer Martin became very suspicious of the driver. The mystery vehicle drove around Officer Martin in an effort to evade him. Martin followed the vehicle and made a traffic stop. It was at that point that he realized that it was a citizen who outfitted a Chevy Impala SS with a light bar on top of the car. The citizen was arrested at that point. During the investigation Officer Martin discovered the driver to be intoxicated as well. The suspect, Aaron Forbis, was subsequently arrested for Impersonating a Police Officer, DUI and traffic charges. If you are pulled over by a Tulsa Police vehicle without markings on the side, our officers must be in a Tulsa Police Uniform, if you are unsure, take the following precautions * Call 911 * Don't speed * Don't make several turns into a neighborhood * Do wave, acknowledging to the officer that you understand, not the finger. * Do pull into a well lit, public area * Do Roll your windows down and keep your hands visible Unmarked TPD cars are heavily equipped with lights, way more than this guy. Here is a video about what unmarked TPD cars are equipped with.


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