Homicide suspect shot by sniper during brief standoff

Published: 06/21/2019, 9:14 PM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
(TULSA, Okla.) Barton Vann was wanted for shooting and killing Curtiss Gaines on Tuesday. Vann was also wanted for Shooting with Intent to Kill on Wednesday. Initially police knew that he was with Nicole Williams, but we weren't certain if she was being held against her will or an accomplice. While the two drove throughout the Tulsa area after the shootings, Fugitive Warrants, Homicide Detectives and Field personnel followed up on leads as reports of nefarious activities by the pair were reported. Through continued investigations, it was determined that Williams was not being held against her will and was in fact an accomplice. A warrant was issued for her arrest as the search continued for the pair. Friday, we found that the suspects were staying at 2104 S. 102nd East Ave with a 3rd party in the house. Members of our Fugitive Warrants Unit responded to the location and contacted our TPD Special Operations Team based on the high threat that the suspect posed. Shortly after our Special Operations Team setup at the location the 3rd party in the house left and we were able to bring them back to safety. A short time later the garage door opened and Vann was attempting to flee on a motorcycle. Vann had already demonstrated that he was willing to take a person's life and attempt to take another's life. There was a grave risk to the public should he had successfully fled the scene and potentially come into contact with people in the neighborhood. A Precision Rifle Operator took the shot and stopped Vann from fleeing on the motorcycle. Williams came out immediately thereafter and surrendered. Special Operations Team Medics immediately moved up and brought Vann to the back of the MRAP to start emergency medical procedures on him. Vann was stabilized as much as possible by medics at the scene and was rushed to the hospital where he is currently in critical condition.


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