Shooting at Leisure Manor apartments

Published: 10/31/2018, 9:13 AM

Wednesday at almost 3 am officers were called to the Leisure Manor apartments to investigate a report of a shooting. When officers arrived they found the door to the apartment locked but with a large hole that had been kicked in it. Officers were able to make contact with the occupants inside the apartment and located a male victim that had shot multiple times. The victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition and in to surgery. 

One of the occupants stated that he had met three men who were seeking to by some Meth and he knew this apartment as a place to get meth. He brought the suspects to the apartment but after they were told there weren’t any drugs they forced their way into the apartment and a scuffle ensued and shots were fired. The suspects left the area in a Silver Chevy HHR. 

The other occupants of the apartment were taken to Detective Division for questioning.  


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