Public’s help sought after car shot by suspected hunter

Published: 10/17/2019, 12:43 PM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
Photo Courtesy: Travis Terrell (LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla.) Two vehicles traveling on Oklahoma turnpikes were recently struck by gunfire in separate events. No one was injured in either case, and the OHP says there is no evidence that the vehicles were purposely targeted. The public’s help is being sought in the first incident, which happened around 1:19 PM Saturday, October 12, on the Turner Turnpike immediately north of Davenport near County Road N 3503 in Lincoln County. A vehicle traveling east was struck in the front passenger door by what appears to be a high caliber rifle round. OHP is seeking information from anyone who may have been hunting or target shooting within a 3 mile radius immediately to the south and east of this location at the time this happened. Anyone who has information is asked to call 1-866-647-8477 or email The second event happened between 3 and 3:20 PM Sunday, October 13, on the will Rogers Turnpike near the west bound on-ramp from Afton in Ottawa County. A vehicle traveling west was struck in the front passenger-side windshield with a high caliber rifle projectile. The OHP has identified a person who was target shooting in a nearby field, firing the round that struck the vehicle. The person has not been arrested and is not facing any charges at this time. The incident is still under investigation. The OHP encourages anyone using firearms to follow safety protocol by knowing what is behind and beyond their intended target. A round from a typical rifle can travel up to 3.5 miles. No one wants a day of hunting or target shooting to turn into a tragedy for an innocent victim.


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