Trio arrested after selling stolen alcohol to convenience store

Published: 01/11/2020, 7:48 PM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
(TULSA, Okla.) On Thursday at 4:00 PM, an Oklahoma ABLE Commission Agent was doing surveillance at the King's Mart at 7318 E. 11th Street. The agent was acting on suspicion that the store had been purchasing stolen beer.  He saw suspects take arm loads of beer into the store and come out empty handed.  He called for assistance from TPD to stop the car when it left the store.    The car was stopped at QT at 1000 S. Garnett RD. Suspect James D. Williams was arrested after jumped out of the car and tried to escape.  The other occupants of the car Ezell Chapman and Janely Chasengnou surrendered peacefully.    ABLE and TPD conducted a joint investigation that determined the suspects had stolen the beer from a QT at 7 N. Yale Ave. The suspects took the beer to the King's Mart where they sold it to the clerk.  During the investigation officers recovered video of the suspects stealing the beer from QT along with video from the King's Mart that shows suspects selling the beer to the clerk. ABLE issued the King's Mart citations for receiving stolen property and failing to purchase alcohol from a distributor.  The stores license to sell alcohol will be in jeopardy, and the store will face substantial financial penalties.  The clerk who purchased the beer was not arrested but he will likely face charges for receiving stolen property in the future. During the investigation TPD officers discovered that the Mini Cooper used in the crimes was being used in an authorized manner.  The owner had dropped it off with Janely Chasengou for repairs.  Unknown to the owner, Chansengou had been using the car while telling her it wasn't running.  Williams, Chapman, and Chasengou were arrested for larceny of merchandise from a retailer, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen property, and possession of methamphetamine.  All were booked at DLM.  The stolen beer and the Mini Cooper were returned to the owners.  Officers believe the suspects may be linked to other thefts and additional stores may be purchasing the stolen beer for resale. ABLE and TPD Retail Crimes Unit will continue the investigation.


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