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Black Creek Freedmen win citizenship, Muscogee judge rules

Written By: Deon Osborne (OKLAHOMA) A Muscogee judge ruled in favor of two Black Muscogee (Creek) Freedmen seeking citizenship on Wednesday, in a historic decision that opens the door...

Langston University underfunded: Oklahoma owes HBCU $418M

Written By: Deon Osborne (OKLAHOMA) The state of Oklahoma underfunded its only historically Black college (HBCU), Langston University, by $418 million over the last 30 years compared to...

“REBUILDING BLACK WALL STREET” docuseries debuts September 29 on OWN

Written By: Ezekiel J. Walker (GREENWOOD, Dist.) Oprah Winfrey Network will premiere a six-part docuseries, “Rebuilding Black Wall Street,” hosted by Morris Chestnut (The Best Man,...

Legacy and Tradition of America’s Black-owned Banks of Okla.

Written By: Mbaluka Michael Mutinda (OKLAHOMA) Currently, the United States is home to 42 Black-owned banks, as reported by the Urban Institute. This figure marks a decline from the peak...

Black-owned app helps you find shelters in the time of storm

(OKLAHOMA) It’s no secret that the wind comes sweeping down the plains of Oklahoma, yet the state in tornado alley fails to provide public tornado shelters for its vulnerable...

Educare shows positive impact on early learning, study finds

Written By: Nehemiah Frank  (TULSA, Okla.) A groundbreaking study titled “Kindergarten through Grade 3 Outcomes Associated with Participation in High-Quality Early Care and Education: A...

What is National Black Business Month?

Photo Courtesy: Oklahoma Historical Society Written By: Nehemiah Frank (GREENWOOD, Dist.) August marks a significant celebration of entrepreneurship, economic empowerment, and...

Historic Greenwood group makes B.S. Roberts Park Black-owned

Written By: Deon Osborne (GREENWOOD DISTRICT, Okla.) Historic Greenwood District Main Street has purchased B.S. Roberts Park, making it the first Black-owned property in Greenwood since...

Redlined Black communities face higher risk of heart failure

Written By: Deon Osborne (TULSA, Okla.) It’s no secret that Black communities impacted by racial segregation have long faced disparities in quality of life, but a new study shows the...

Exposing Inequities: Federal Trade Commissioner Visits Oasis Fresh Market

Written By: Midori Williams (TULSA, Okla.) On July 12th, Federal Trade Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya paid a visit to Oasis Fresh Market, North Tulsa’s only full-service grocery story,...