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Many Young Adults Who Began Vaping as Teens Can’t Shake the Habit

Written By: John Daley, Colorado Public Radio (NATIONAL) G Kumar’s vaping addiction peaked in college at the University of Colorado, when flavored, disposable vapes were taking...

Tribal Nations Invest Opioid Settlement Funds in Traditional Healing To Treat Addiction

Written By: Aneri Pattani and Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez (NATIONAL) Outside the Mi’kmaq Nation’s health department sits a dome-shaped tent, built by hand from saplings and covered in black...

Federal Panel Prescribes New Mental Health Strategy To Curb Maternal Deaths

Written By: Cheryl Platzman Weinstock For help, call or text the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline at 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6262) or contact the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline...

Paid Sick Leave Sticks After Many Pandemic Protections Vanish

Written By: Zach Dyer (NATIONAL) Bill Thompson’s wife had never seen him smile with confidence. For the first 20 years of their relationship, an infection in his mouth robbed him of...

Rural Jails Turn to Community Health Workers To Help the Newly Released Succeed

Written By: Lillian Mongeau Hughes (NATIONAL) Garrett Clark estimates he has spent about six years in the Sanpete County Jail, a plain concrete building perched on a dusty hill just...

Native Americans Have Shorter Life Spans. Better Health Care Isn’t the Only Answer.

Written By: Arielle Zionts (HISLE, S.D.) Katherine Goodlow is only 20, but she has experienced enough to know that people around her are dying too young. Read this story on KFF Health...

End of Internet Subsidies for Low-Income Households Threatens Telehealth Access

Written By: Sarah Jane Tribble (NATIONAL) For Cindy Westman, $30 buys a week’s worth of gas to drive to medical appointments and run errands. Read this story on KFF Health News...

Rapid Rise in Syphilis Hits Native Americans Hardest

Written By: Cecilia Nowell (NATIONAL) From her base in Gallup, New Mexico, Melissa Wyaco supervises about two dozen public health nurses who crisscross the sprawling Navajo Nation...

Exclusive: Social Security Chief Vows to Fix ‘Cruel-Hearted’ Overpayment Clawbacks

Written By: Fred Clasen-Kelly (NATIONAL) The Social Security Administration’s new chief is promising to overhaul the agency’s system of clawing back billions of dollars it claims was...

A New $16,000 Postpartum Depression Drug Is Here. How Will Insurers Handle It?

Written By: April Dembosky, KQED (NATIONAL) A much-awaited treatment for postpartum depression, zuranolone, hit the market in December, promising an accessible and fast-acting medication...