Whitney Pingleton

Tulsa, Oklahoma

All about Whitney:

 Whitney Pingleton is a proud Oklahoma native, residing within the boundaries of the Muscogee reservation in Indian territory. Whitney is an enrolled member of the Muscogee (Creek) Tribe, of Yuchi and Cherokee descent. Whitney is Fuswvlke (Bird Clan) and of Tuskegee Tribal town. Whitney is a bilingual community and systems advocate within the Maternal Child Health sector, in addition to an independent citizen journal for VNN. 

Whitney aspires to zealously advocate for marginalized individuals and communities and uses her voice to support the continuous efforts to aid disenfranchised groups, who are specifically wounded by systematic oppression. Whitney has extensive knowledge and experience through multi-racial and multicultural perspectives that enable her to passionately advocate for those around her.

 Whitney's Educational Background:

Whitney’s versatile professional background includes 20+ years in the beauty industry as a licensed Master Instructor (Cosmetology). Whitney earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Northeastern State University (2016), a Master of Legal Studies in Indigenous People’ Law at the University of Oklahoma(2019), and a Master of Public Health Leadership from North Eastern State University ( 2024 candidate). 

Fun facts about Whitney:

  • Whitney speaks three languages that include English, Spanish, and conversational Muscogee (Creek).
  •  Whitney is a proud mother of three; one adult daughter and two teen/ preteen sons.
  •  Whitney’s hobbies include drawing, anything beauty, and Latin dancing.
  • In her spare time, Whitney loves to spend time with her family, travel, and volunteer in the community.
  •  Whitney grew up on a Muscogee tribal land allotment south of Okmulgee, Oklahoma. This allotment is still within her family. 

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