Danielle Saitta

Boston, Oklahoma
Danielle Saitta is a Boston Native, a Fairfield University Graduate, and a former television reporter. Danielle has worked in the broadcast industry for two years and has reported, edited, shot, and produced over 600 stories. After graduating from Fairfield University, Danielle’s career took off in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Her next stop was Sioux City Iowa where she was a key player during the Historic Midwest Flooding. During that time, Danielle worked with local businesses and community members whose businesses and homes were greatly affected. In 2019, Danielle traveled back to the East Coast and worked for WCBD in Charleston, South Carolina. During her first four-months, Danielle reported in Dorchester County, where she tackled crime, tragedy and was the voice for many community members who were establishing their businesses. A few months later, Danielle took on a different beat. Her stories as the nightside reporter included investigative reporting where she helped community members speak out against wrongdoings by their public officials and harm done to their homes and businesses. As a VNN Journalist, Danielle hopes to continue serving community members. She adores small businesses and loves to help spread the word about new additions to the community. If you’re looking for media attention in Boston, Danielle is the right journalist to reach out to.

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