City partners with TEDC to launch Build Tulsa Program

Collaborator: City of Tulsa
Published: 07/30/2020, 11:37 AM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
(Tulsa, OK) - The City of Tulsa and the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) are partnering to launch Build Tulsa: Affordable Housing Development Academy. Build Tulsa will promote nonprofit development in Tulsa's neighborhoods, including informing them of the requirements for receiving federal HOME grants. “Housing is a foundation for economic opportunity, both for those who live in it and for those who build it,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “This program is part of our commitment to ensure that all Tulsans can thrive, no matter where in the city they live.” The program also aims to broaden participation and increase diversity within the real estate development field in Tulsa. "Build Tulsa helps us meet one of the first goals of our new Affordable Housing Strategy, which is to strengthen neighborhoods," said Becky Gligo, Housing Policy Director for the City of Tulsa. "We're excited to invest in the capacity of Tulsa residents and to shape these neighborhoods' future together." The course will be beneficial for nonprofit organizations that plan to expand into affordable housing, and for existing affordable housing providers that plan to become Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs). The course is also open to individuals with interest in these topics. “This work is important, especially during this time," TEDC CEO Rose Washington said. "We want to build financial wherewithal for all forms of businesses, and this is a way for us to extend that skill set for housing builders and providers." Kyle Ofori, the City’s Director of Community Partnerships, will serve as Build Tulsa’s lead facilitator. The course will be divided into different topics taught by professionals from City government, real estate, and affordable housing fields. Planning for an Affordable Housing Development Academy began at the end of 2019, when members of the Housing Strategy Advisory Committee provided feedback on the course structure and important topics. “It was very important for me to plan this with committee members' input so that the course will reflect the depth of their knowledge in housing and real estate," Ofori said. Sessions will be held biweekly, starting Aug. 25, 2020. These will be held over Zoom and are free for anyone who registers. Those who complete the course are eligible for continuing education credits from Tulsa Community College. Register here:


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