VNN launches Horizon World’s first general news station

Collaborator: Brittany Harlow
Published: 03/14/2022, 2:18 PM
Edited: 03/14/2022, 5:35 PM

(NATIONAL) Welcome to The VNC, home of VNN Studios and VNN HQ- Horizon World’s first general news station. 

The VNC, or Verified News Community, is a digital environment created for Verified News Network (VNN) viewers, supporters, and content creators. 

Visitors to the VNC will be able to sit in on news meetings with VNN Journalists, provide feedback on news coverage, and watch live broadcasts from VNN Studios. 

The VNC would not be possible without help from expert builders like SKitter_, creator of The Builders Mall in Horizon Worlds. 

SKitter_ provided VNN with the VNN Studios building and furniture for VNN Studios and VNN HQ, as well as landscaping assets and building tips- all for free. 

"It's exciting to be a part of so many projects,” SKitter_ said. “It’s great to be able to uplift other people and kind of empower them. And give them the tools that they need to help guide them along. Along their path."  


After gaining experience in other games like Second Life and Minecraft, SKitter_ joined Horizon Worlds last summer. He told us this was the first time he has been able to build in 3-D.

He soon realized no one else was building assets to give away for free, so he decided to do just that.

"Offer the help, you know.,” SKitter_ said. “That's a big thing to me, is offering to come and help. Make sure it's easy."  

Thousands have since passed through The Builders Mall. 

SKitter_ himself has taught hundreds of people how to build, and even imports his free creations into other peoples’ worlds so they can customize them. 

His Horizon Worlds company Chasing Rabbits builds it all for paying clients, from custom pieces, like VNN’s first news desk, to entire worlds. 

Those who want to help from SKitter_ can contact him here

Donations to support their cause of helping other builders can be made on Venmo @SKitterDigital 

Horizon Worlds is a virtual reality platform that also allows people to build their own games. After an invite-only beta phase, Horizon Worlds was released in the U.S. and Canada to people 18 and over last December.

VNN anticipates its first metaverse world will open new doors to their mission of creating better news media, and encourages Horizon World users to bookmark The VNC and drop by anytime. 

Hours of availability to meet with VNN Journalists in The VNC will be posted at a later date.

Connect with BrittanyHNews on Oculus for more information.


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