“Best entrepreneurship event of 2020” hits Tulsa end of January

Collaborator: Brittany Harlow
Published: 01/24/2020, 1:52 PM
Edited: 03/11/2021, 10:22 AM
(TULSA, Okla.) “We all want a more vibrant startup community. We all want local success stories. But we feel like if we can't write a big check as their angel investor there's nothing we can do. Wrong.” Wes Bergmann founded BetaBlox, a small business accelerator and incubator, in Kansas City, Missouri, back in 2012. The company expanded to Tulsa in 2016. Bergmann said by attending Demo Day in Tulsa January 29 or 30, attendees are able to hear pitches from several local startups and support them by helping to spread the word. “It's the most free, and most powerful way, to help spur-on economic development in the region,” Bergmann said. The event’s startups include everything from Baby D's hot sauce manufacturing and distribution to Tulsa Birth Center, a regional midwifery. Tech companies like DoubleXP that connects gamers and Let’s Go Urban that empowers scavenger hunts will also be on deck. Not to mention Verified News Network’s own Brittany Harlow to discuss milestones and goals for VNN’s PlugIn app. “Alongside that we have a panel of our investment team that will be answering questions about starting companies,” Bergmann said. “And we'll be showcasing free canned mimosas and wine from one of our alumni companies.” The event kicks off at 36° North at 5:30 p,m. both nights with appetizers and drinks followed by startup pitches and panel discussion. Attendees will then be able to mingle and learn more about the various startups at expo style booths. Click here to register for the event: https://betablox.com/demo-day/ Click here to learn more about the BetaBlox program: https://betablox.com/about-the-betablox-program/


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